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Delivering conscious sustainable design solutions for the workplace.

Delivering Conscious and Equitable Design Solutions for the Workplace.

Wellness Design Advisory & Strategy

What we do

We work cross-collaboratively with your organization to identify efficiencies, integrate more sustainable solutions, and maximize impact, and productivity. We develop Pre-Design analyses and case studies that will help generate exclusive environments whilst focusing on enhanced balance, harmony, and well-being.

We reinvent the Built Environment around its occupants.

Wellness Design Consulting.

Imagine if the built environment was designed with the occupants' well-being as the utmost priority!

Advising and consulting on the WELL Building Standard™ and Scientific Feng Shui principles.

Biophilic Design

Engaging the natural world as the medium for better and healthier spaces.

Humans have a psychological need to be around living things and our objective is to amplify this dynamic and creative symbiosis within their surroundings.

Regenerative & Wellness Design

Creating shelters of well-being for human beings. 

Regenerative Design follows established WELL Building Standard™ (IWBI™) and Scientific Feng Shui principles with concern for human well-being.​

Healthy Building Design

Advising on the selection of the most favorable building location and facility.

Healthy building design focuses on indoor air quality (IAQ), visual comfort, light quality, acoustic performance, active design, and thermal comfort.

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