Delivering conscious sustainable solutions for the workplace

We use a human-centered approach that incorporates Sustainability, and Biophilic Design concepts to deliver tangible and financial benefits to the triple bottom line of people, planet, and performance. We focus on the improvements of people’s experiences in their work environments.

In the role of third-party advisor or team extension, we work cross-collaboratively across the organization to identify efficiencies, integrate more sustainable solutions, and maximize impact, and productivity.

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Providing sensible design approaches to healthier homes

Our focus is to deliver significant benefits to the health and well-being of home occupants but also consider the cultural components.

We always stay conscious of the planet by incorporating sustainable and natural materials, enhancing air quality and natural light, and creating views of nature by integrating planting. In the role of third-party advisor or team extension, we help develop and create exclusive residential environments whilst focusing on enhanced balance, harmony, and well-being.  We reinvent the Home Built Environment around its occupants. 

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Engaging the natural world as the medium for better and healthier built environments

Biophilic Design refers to humans' innate connection to nature and natural processes to improve health and well-being in relation to the built environments and surroundings.

As biophilic design consultants we use natural design principles to bring the outside world in whilst considering our environmental impact and positively influencing the occupant's wellbeing, this holy trinity is, for us at least, the essence of biophilia. We harness the human-nature connection to improve psychological & physiological wellbeing and productivity in the home or workspaces.

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Advising on the selection of the most favorable building location and facility

We use a combination of multi-sensory design and healthy design strategies. There is no ‘one size fits all and we make it our mission to find what is right for each of our clients. The foundation of this is a pre-and post-occupancy evaluation.

We observe and analyze existing spaces, gathering quantitative and qualitative evidence so that we can better understand the spatial and human opportunities that exist. This helps us ensure we develop a brief that will fulfill the requirements of the client and the people that use the space; improving the results for the triple bottom line of people, planet, and performance.

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Creating shelters of well-being for human beings 

To deliver the best in wellness design, we align with green and healthy building certification credit requirements such as WELL Building Standard™ (IWBI™), helping secure the highest rating possible for each real estate project. We also use the scientific Feng Shui Principles to help reduce stress, enhance creativity, and clarify of thought.

We help create spaces that are durable yet capable of change so can grow and adapt to people's changing needs.​

We make use of new, innovative technology to ensure that the client maintains a positive connection to nature.​

We help improve a sense of community & connectedness within the built environment.

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